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YouTube Kids provides a more contained environment for kids to explore YouTube and makes it easier for parents and caregivers to guide their journey.

Watch live TV from 70+ networks including live sports and news from your local channels. Record your programs with no storage space limits. No cable box required. Cancel anytime. TRY IT FREE!


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING MADE EASY – Giorgia Bertoglio – Google Books

This handbook is aimed at those who want to promote their business online through SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, but do not have the time to attend courses in person, or do not want to hire expensive professionals, preferring to handle it themselves. Therefore, this is not a manual to be read by experts only. On the contrary, it is a highly practical book. It is full of examples from real life situations, written in a simple non-technical language, and so accessible to all.Thus, is it a book for beginners? Yes, but not only and merely. In effect, it is essentially a book for anyone who wants to have a quick overview of the subject: a handbook full of critical tools, which will enable you to evaluate which media to use and why. But is it really worth studying and making use of Social Media Marketing today? Absolutely YES!Why? For two consequential reasons:1) Social Media Marketing is a fundamental part of Web Marketing, which is making shoes out of the old style Marketing;2) Social Media Marketing is taking an increasingly large share of Web Marketing, to the detriment of SEO, SEM, DEM, etc..Therefore, if you want to find a job in the field of Web Marketing, you really should specialise in Social, given that the sector is growing fast. On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a hobbyist, this manual is for you as well. In fact, it will show you in simple terms the best ways to promote yourself and your activities on social networks.This guide will open your eyes to the infinite opportunities that this field offers. Moreover, it will give you numerous practical tools to get started right away.HERE'S WHAT YOU WILL LEARN WITH THIS MANUAL:What is Social Media Marketing Why should you invest in Social MediaWhat is the role of the Social Media ManagerHow to create a winning Social Media StrategyHow to choose the right Social Network for your businessSocial Media Marketing netiquetteHow to do Social Media Marketing without payingPaid campaigns: how they work and why to use themHow to promote a product or service on FacebookHow to manage a fanpage on FacebookHow to integrate Facebook with other social networksHow to promote a product or service on TwitterHow to integrate Twitter with other social networksHow to quickly and easily publish effective videos on YouTubeHow to create brand loyalty with great videosHow to increase your business activities on YouTubeHow to do social media marketing on InstagramHow to do social media marketing on TumblrHow to do social media marketing on FlickrHow to do social media marketing on PinterestHow to do social media marketing on Tik TokHow to do social media marketing on VimeoHow to do social media marketing on LinkedInHow to do social media marketing on SlideShareHow to promote your blog on social mediaHow to promote your company on social mediaHow to promote your E-Commerce on Social Mediaand much more…

CAMEROON – Seite 57 – Google Books-Ergebnisseite

CAMEROON – Narayan Changder – Google Books

This book is primarily designed for students preparing for various competitive ex- aminations. It will also be helpful for those preparing for midterm exams in schools or universities. The aim of this book is twofold: first, to help the students prepar- ing for competitive examinations, seeking admission to universities or schools, or prepare for job interviews. Second, it will also be helpful for those studying GE- OGRAPHY, HISTORY, POLITICS, CULTURE,and ECONOMY of CAMEROON. This book contains more than 38 questions from the core areas of CAMEROON. The questions are grouped chapter-wise. There are total 1 chapters, 2 sections and 38+ MCQ with answers. This reference book provides a single source for multiple choice questions and answers in CAMEROON. It is intended for students as well as for developers and researchers in the field. This book is highly useful for faculties and students. One can use this book as a study guide, knowledge test questions bank, practice test kit, quiz book, trivia questions . . . etc. The strategy used in this book is the same as that which mothers and grandmothers have been using for ages to induce kids in the family to sip more soup (or some other nutritious drink). The children are told that some cherries (their favourite noo- dles or cherries ) are hidden somewhere in the bowl, and that serves as an incentive for drinking the soup. In joint families, by the time the children are old enough to know the trick played by their grandma, there is usually another group of kids ready to fall for it! They excite the kids, but the real nutrition lies not in the noodles but in the soup. The problems given in this book are like those noodles/cherries while solving all these problems are nutritious soup. Now it is your choice to drink the nutritious soups or not!!!.

Midbrain Activation: An Amazing Method to Let Your Child …

Midbrain Activation: An Amazing Method to Let Your Child Have SUPER-INTUITION – – Google Books

Midbrain activation is a phenomenal discovery in the education of children. Actual use of the midbrain theory has been widely applied in many Asian and west countries. Children who join midbrain activation school will have ability like ESP or super intution.   The Benefits of Midbrain Activation are : 1. Balancing the left and right brain abilities 2. Awaken super intuition. Can do blindfold activities such as reading with eyes closed, walking, biking etc. 3. Increasing the concentration, enhance memory capability 4. Build confidence, enhance creativity 5. Emotional stability, virtuous 6. Improved intelligenceAccording to the opinion of Albert Einstein and other scientists, the majority of people only use 10% brain capacity only. Then how human efforts to improve the ability of the brain? A new method called midbrain activation has been introduced to build an intellectual and emotional intelligence so that humans can better optimize the ability of himself as the most perfect of God’s creatures.

Unreliable Narration and Trustworthiness: Intermedial and …

Unreliable Narration and Trustworthiness: Intermedial and Interdisciplinary … – Google Books

Die Reihe Narratologia publiziert innovative Monographien und Sammelbände zur modernen Erzähltheorie und zu ihrer fachgeschichtlichen Rekonstruktion aus allen philologischen Disziplinen. Sie stellt das erste narratologische Forum dieser Art in Deutschland dar. Neben literarischen Texten stehen u. a. auch das Alltagserzählen, Wort-Bild-Texte, Erzählen im Film und in den neuen Medien sowie das Erzählen in Historiographie, Ethnologie, Medizin und Rechtswissenschaft im Fokus der Reihe. Die Publikationssprachen der Reihe sind Deutsch und Englisch. Alle Bände werden zweifach begutachtet.

How Drama Activates Learning: Contemporary Research and Practice

How Drama Activates Learning: Contemporary Research and Practice – Google Books

How Drama Activates Learning: Contemporary Research and Practice draws together leaders in drama education and applied theatre from across the globe, including authors from Europe, North America and Australasia. It explores how learning can be activated when drama pedagogies and philosophies are applied across diverse contexts and for varied purposes. The areas explored include: · history · literacy, oracy and listening· health and human relationships education· science · democracy, social justice and global citizenship education· bullying and conflict management· criticality· digital technologies· additional language learningDrawing on a range of theoretical perspectives, the contributors present case studies of drama and applied theatre work in school and community settings, providing rich descriptions of practice accompanied by detailed analysis underpinned by the theoretical perspectives of key thinkers from both within and beyond the field of drama.

YouTube Kids

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